Will you Become a Subscriber?

I keep hearing and reading about how important it is for writers (and other artists) to embrace the business side of their work. It is in that pursuit that I want to let you all know that my website has recently undergone a few changes. One of the most exciting new features is that you can now become a subscriber. Simply look to the right side of my homepage where it says “Subscribe to my blog” and enter your name and e-mail address.

If you read my posts or other work with any regularity, or if you have historically, will you consider becoming a subscriber?

If you subscribe, two important things will happen. One, you will receive email updates *only* when I have a new blog post up. To be fully transparent, you will also be helping me build a number that will be important as I try to make a case for myself in the process of completing and submitting a book proposal to agents and publishers. It’s an exciting but daunting process!


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