Interviewing Brady Quinn

I enjoyed chatting with former Notre Dame and NFL quarterback, Brady Quinn, this past Friday morning. He weighed in on a number topics, including the 2016 NFL Draft, the Notre Dame quarterback battle, and a philanthropic initiative he and his wife are leading. Here is a glimpse of what Quinn had to say about his time at Notre Dame:

“People always think that for former players it’s all about what happens on the field. To me, the memories that stick out are the ones with the guys, whether hanging out before games and getting ready or at training camp or walking out of the tunnel for the first time. The game’s the game; there are always going to be two-minute drives and other things that are kind of fun, but it’s the memories of the guys that I’m still close with now; those are the memories that stick out more than anything else.”

For the article and part of the audio file, go to One Foot Down.