Why “Are you a Christian?” has Become My Least Favorite Question

If I have a least favorite question in the English language, it might be: “Are you a Christian?” It’s a question that gets thrown pretty quickly in the direction of any artist or thinker or politician that shows an openness toward or seriousness about God or spirituality. My dislike of the question is first of all about what the question does. What I mean is, asking it is often a way to peg people as in-or-out, loveable-or-dismissible. Unfortunately this question gets asked in this way by many who believe, some who don’t, and probably everywhere in-between. But it seems to me that if these kinds of distinctions and categories have to be made, perhaps it might be best to let God be the One to make them.

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To Move Slower: My New Year’s Resolution for 2015

“I will love with urgency but not with haste” -Mumford and Sons

Okay, so my title wasn’t completely honest. What follows isn’t really a resolution. (My actual resolutions are to give up soda for good and to not buy books in 2015). As for this post, what I mean is I didn’t come up with this idea on January 1 any more than it will end on December 31. I will fail hundreds and probably thousands of times. It’s also not something that can be completely “accomplished,” “achieved,” measured in a tracker, or checked off a list. This has been developing in me for a while now, and it’s less like an attempt of willpower and more like a paradigm shift or an adjusted priority or an overarching principle.

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