The Trump Phenomenon

Some time late summer or early fall of 2015, I remember tweeting my lament that the media kept giving Donald Trump so much attention. It was essentially my belief that he wasn’t a serious candidate, that this was all a big game to him, and that the primary season would show that. How could everyone else not see that? After all, those who are labeled as early front runners often don’t win. Around that same time, I also wrote a blog post — motivated by a kind of realpolitik instinct — that predicted that Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton would cruise to their respective Republican and Democratic nominations. I thought those two individuals, more than any others in the race, had the names, history, money, and power to move convincingly toward the White House.

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Salon Published an Essay of Mine

I have an essay up at Salon. It is about as personal an essay as I could write. To those friends of mine — particularly current classmates of mine — who learn about this for the first time by reading this, I regret that we didn’t have a conversation first.

Here is a taste:

“Shane and I developed a classic dependency: the perpetually-broken-and-in-need-of-fixing person finds and latches onto the perpetually-willing-to-fix-other-people person. These systems are always a bit of a façade, of course, which is to say that Shane was no less capable than I was, and I was no less broken than he was. But as flawed as our arrangement was, the roles we played genuinely reflected what we believed about ourselves.”

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