What is Your Unique Potential?

I’m glad to plug a book that a couple colleagues of mine have published. Alison Smith and Jill Vanderwall are career counselors who started a business to share their years worth of experience, knowledge, and wisdom. Admittedly, my interest in this book is also personal in that I helped edit the book! If you’re thinking about your own career development or your child’s, Career Exploration: 101 Questions to Ask Your Teen during High School might be for you. You can purchase a copy here.

Writing for Big Car about SPARK in Downtown Indianapolis

I enjoyed interacting with and writing for Big Car (“bringing art to people and people to art”) this past fall and summer, particularly around some of their creative placemaking experiments in Indianapolis’s Monument Circle.

From the writings of Wendell Berry, to working in a city-planning office in Anderson, Indiana, to spending some time with Big Car, I suppose it’s no accident that I flock toward conversations about thoughtful and playful engagements with place. Here are the articles I wrote:

September 15: “Ask an Expert sparks Monument Circle”

October 8: “Indianapolis Workshops Combine Placemaking, Social Practice”

October 12: “Spark boosts Circle Businesses”

November 13: “Placemaking as Homemaking”