15 Books Worth Reading if You Want to Make Significant Changes in your Life

My reading hasn’t always been this focused, but I’ve found that almost everything I’ve read in the past few years could be classified into three categories: memoir, self-help, or social sciences/cultural commentary. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that there are some commonalities those genres. Chalk it up to the the #therapythirties if you’d like, but I suppose at my core I’ve been interested in a few very basic questions. How does this world work? Is it possible to change? What is the good life?

It’s no stretch to say that the work (and the reading) has been fueled by its share of discontent, by the frustration and disappointment of feeling like life isn’t turning out the way I want it to. The good news is that the journey — both in and outside of the reading — has been incredibly rich and that there have been signs of progress along the way. I feel more hopeful now than I ever have before. For anyone who’s interested, here are 15 books — which I’ve grouped into six different topical categories — that I’ve found helpful along the way:

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9 Signs that I am Moving through Life too Quickly (and Neglecting Myself)

I recently wrote about how one of my hopes for 2015 is that I will move slower through life. You know, be less busy and more present to relationships and how I feel. I’ve learned that I have several behavioral patterns that tip me off that I am moving too quickly. Most of these things only take a couple minutes, and yet, I neglect them or by doing whatever it is I am neglecting myself. Which means now I get to practice paying attention to these things and intentionally going against the grain of my instinct in order to slow myself down. Maybe you can relate:

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