Steve Almond on Writer Entitlement

I appreciated Steve Almond‘s recent piece about writer entitlement over at Poets & Writers. It is a good warning for people like…me :).

Here is a taste:

“There’s a lot of talk these days about being a good literary citizen. But that doesn’t just mean tweeting sweet nothings to the world or showing up at readings. It begins with showing a basic respect for the larger struggle in which we are all engaged.

In the end, the students I taught this past spring will either get over their sense of entitlement or, at some point, abandon writing.

In my note of apology over my outburst in class, I tried to make this point less obnoxiously. ‘Every story has something to teach you,’ I wrote. ‘You guys do a fantastic job in class of being generous with one another. The larger world of writers deserves the same respect. A story is important because a human being made it, not because it ran in this or that magazine or anthology.'”

You can find the whole essay here.

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