Rich Mullins and Raw Honesty

I am drawn to raw honesty. Brene Brown might call this “vulnerability.” In some contexts that have been life-giving to me, we have used the phrase “rigorous honesty.” It has been quite liberating for me to learn that I can show when I am hurting, that I don’t have to pretend to be perfect. I can just go ahead and resign from the dog and pony show.

I think it’s mostly shame that prevents us from being this authentic, from telling the truth. We think that if we show who we really are at our core that people won’t love us. And sometimes when we show ourselves, people don’t love us. (And that’s when it’s time to find new relationships, I guess.)

For this reason and others, I am drawn to the late songwriter, Rich Mullins. I suppose he is one of the best gifts my father ever gave to me.

A film called Ragamuffin came out this year about Mullins’ life. Unfortunately, the man died way too early, the result of a car accident. I remember when it happened and the sadness I felt.

I recommend the film at least for exposure’s sake. Mullins is worth knowing about and his music worth listening to. Since I can’t post the film here, I will settle for this little YouTube clip, which will give you a glimpse of what I’m talking about. It’s not the best recording of the song, in my opinion, but I post it here as much for the raw honesty before the song anyway.

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