Keep Wanting

I think I have found my anthem. You know, that song you keep coming back to for inspiration, to lift you up. It is The Fray‘s “Keep on Wanting” and for me, it’s all about keeping your desire(s), i.e. your heart, alive. Here are some of the lyrics:

Everything you want in broken pieces on the floor
And everything you thought you’d ever need
But it’s not what you want that matters it’s that you want more 
So go on, lie to yourself but don’t lie to me

And there’s the door
You can quit right now, up and leave 
You don’t need this anymore 
Yeah tonight, lights out, shut it down 
Or you can 

Open up your broken heart
And keep on wanting
Fallen saints and fallen stars
They don’t mean nothing 
Everybody feels locked out of a house they can’t get in
So open up your broken heart 
And keep on wanting

(You can listen to the song here.)

It’s painfully hard to do, and in fact, it’s probably way easier to quit caring, quit expecting, quit hoping. But right on, The Fray, thanks for helping me to keep wanting.

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