I have a Website!

Blogs are for the twenties; websites are are for the thirties, right? Well, I turned 30 a few months ago, so I guess it was time to make the transition :). I blogged pretty faithfully from about the summer of 2007 to the summer of 2013 (R.I.P., The Schumerth Shuffle). The year or so break since killing the old blog has been full and good (and really difficult!). One gets sick of his own voice every once in a while, ya know? During that time, I have been transitioning back into the U.S., working on myself (that’s a full-time job!), writing longer projects, and giving grad school a second go-around.

I imagine the new blog to be at least a little bit different than the old one. Surely, there will still be times when I wax poetic and philosophic about everything political/cultural/religious/athletic, etc., but as you can already see, this website has a bit more professional focus to it. So I imagine this part of the site to be the informal space, hopefully for some interaction with readers and even a peak into the creative and writing process. A lot of posts will probably be shorter: a picture, a quote, maybe a publication announcement. I will also surely reuse some old content, at least from the posts that are the least bit redeemable. I make no promises that I will write every day or even every week: I will post when I feel like it :).

A huge shout-out and thanks is in order to Isaac Daniel, Brian Harmon, and Travis Mullen, all of whom contributed to getting this site ready to go. I have no design or coding skills/instincts whatsoever, but that this site will win no awards for its pizzazz is still on me. I wanted simple and user friendly: for you, yes, but mostly for me! Anyway, welcome aboard. I am excited for what is to come.

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