MeChris Schumerth is an academic advisor in the School of Liberal Arts at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). He freelances as a writer and editor, posting publications as they come and blog posts when the spirit moves.

Chris’s writing has appeared in a number of places, including but not limited to the Miami Herald, In the Fray, Salon, Relevant Magazine, Jasper, Lafayette Journal & Courier, The Journal GazettePunchnel’s, Relevance, The Florida Times-Union, Yahoo!, Front Porch Republic, Comment Magazine, Newsmax, Conspire Magazine, One Foot DownThe Courtside Collective, SB Nation-Kansas City, and Youthletic. His writing has also appeared in a University of South Carolina (USC) textbook, and he has written/edited marketing content for a number of companies.

In his creative work, Chris combines literary journalism with memoir and meditation. Some of his interests include culture, the intersection of spirituality and psychology, the self, Northern Ireland, contemporary rhetoric, Chicago Cubs’ baseball, and Notre Dame football and basketball.

Chris is an alum of Culver Academies, the Teach For America program, and the MFA program in creative writing at USC. He has taught writing in the Duval County Public Schools, at IUPUI, and at USC. You can see what some of his students say about him here. A few of his early-career highlights include appearing on BBC-Ulster as an analyst for the Ryder Cup in 2012, covering several 2012 and 2014 NBA playoff games (including three Eastern Conference finals games) as a freelance sports reporter, winning the 2015 Indiana Faith and Writing Conference contest for fiction, having his essay (“Cold Peace”) selected as In The Fray‘s best commentary piece in 2015, and interviewing Brady Quinn in 2016. Chris is currently working on several longer writing projects.

A huge shout-out to Kendra Little for taking the profile picture above, to Daniel Schumerth for taking the photo that serves as this website’s header, and to Isaac Daniel, Travis Mullen, and Matt Duff for helping put this website together. All the views and opinions expressed on the blog portion of this site are Chris’s and not any other company’s or publisher’s.